Mystery Blue Oppo A15 Price


“Smartphone OPPO” is not a name that people would immediately associate when talking about high performance smartphones. However, “OPPO” is actually the brand name for the new smartphone from Nokia called the “Nokia A Finland” or otherwise known as the ” Nokia Aavia”. This is the most up to date smartphone that Nokia has launched till date. With the launch of this smartphone, Nokia has taken all the smartphone makers by storm. Nokia has always been known for designing state-of-the-art devices that provide its users maximum value for their money. a15 oppo

The Nokia Aavia has all the features that you would expect from a smartphone such as: the multi-tasking support, the high definition camera, the music player, the internet browser, and a great gaming platform to name a few. It also comes with high-end internals which further increase the power of the device. But one of the most important and useful technologies integrated in this smartphone is the application development kit or the APK. This amazing tool has made it very easy for the users to develop interesting applications for the device.

As already mentioned, the primary feature of this smartphone is its powerful hardware. The 2.5D curved screen with the ability to dual view allows the users to use the camera and the text-to-speech facility. When the focus is on the camera, the users can use optical zoom and panoramic imaging facility. The OPPO a15 has an eight megapixel camera which is quite good. Apart from the camera, the handset has a high resolution of 1.6 megapixel, which ensures clear pictures.

The processor inside the Oppo A15 is the quad core Mediatek CPU, which is one of the most powerful processors available in the market. The OPPO a15 also features a generous amount of memory that supports the installation of several apps and other data storage options. At the present time, the device supports the apps for the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more. It is also compatible with some of the popular third party applications such as Viber, Slide, Twitter, Myspace and much more.

The OPPO a15 comes with two gigabytes of RAM and the large formatted memory facilitates faster and better performance. In addition, the Samsung cpu has two high quality processors, which enables efficient usage of the device’s processing power. With the help of the over clocking facility available in the processors, the users are able to tweak the voltage and frequency of the device. This increases the performance of the mobile device to a great extent.

The Oppo A15 price tag has been heavily scrutinized after several rumors about the device had spread. However, the recent leak has cleared all doubts regarding this device. The leak contained details such as the functions of the camera, the resolution of the camera, the memory size, the interface colors, the battery life and many other specifications. Though the leak did not mention about the microSD card, it is assumed that the device will be compatible with it as it is one of the latest gadgets launched by Samsung. The mystery blue color is yet another clue about the nature of the Oppo A15.

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